How to Apply Surgitube Tubular Gauze to a Finger

How to Apply Surgitube Tubular Gauze to a Finger

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Wounds on fingers and other digits are often difficult to dress properly. Bandaging on these body parts needs to be flexible enough to allow movement and strong enough to protect the wound. Surgical gauze is often recommended for these areas, but can be difficult to wrap or cover the tip of the finger with. Surgitube tubular gauze is designed to easily cover a finger with as many layers of gauze as needed and twist over the end of the finger for comfortable wound coverage.

Choose the correct size gauze. According to Derma Sciences, Surgitube tubular gauze comes in sizes ranging from 5/8-in. tube diameter to 7-in. tube diameter. The 5/8-in. size should be the best fit for small fingers, while the 1-in. size is likely best for large fingers.

Cut the appropriate length of gauze from the roll. The gauze is knitted in a continuous tube, according to the experts at Med On The Net. Due to the way the gauze is applied, it should be cut about twice as long as the finger to be wrapped.

Load the gauze onto the applicator. The aluminum applicator is a frame that should fit over the finger without touching it. The instructions included in the package recommend sliding the tube of gauze over the outside of the applicator.

Slide the applicator over the finger. Pull the bottom edge of the gauze off of the applicator and around the base of the finger.

Pull the applicator back up over the finger while holding the gauze at the base of the finger. When the applicator is off of the finger but still has about half of the gauze on it, twist it a few times. According to the experts at Cool Tools, this will create a secure bandage that covers the tip of the finger.

Remove the applicator from the excess gauze. Roll the remaining length of gauze down over the finger to the base, and secure it with surgical tape.


  • Multiple layers of gauze can be applied in the same way to offer more protection or padding. Surgitube tubular gauze can be used over other bandaging materials to secure and protect them.


  • This brand of gauze is clean but not considered a sterile dressing. Consult your doctor before using on serious wounds.


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